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I'm Tacuma.  I'm Michelle.  We love God.  We love the people of God.  We want to see you win.

We both have longer bios, and we will share a little more of the professional stuff later. What really matters most to God is what matters most to us: that each person, created in His image, live a life that represents God’s best for them. This is what we call winning.

We are firm believers that true winning happens in Kingdom Community. Powerful life change happens in community. Supernatural blessings overflow in community. Souls are saved in community. Families flourish in community. Economic progress and entrepreneurship generate from community.  When you find a community of Believers who desire to love, worship, and serve together, you've found the most powerful thing in the earth.
As pastors of A People of God in Jamestown, NC, we are building an intentional community derived from a simple church structure, a powerful Kingdom philosophy, and a real love for each other. We are also the founders of The College Preparatory and Leadership Academy of High Point, a PreK-12 public charter school. We currently serve over 550 students and families by offering them an education rooted in knowledge of self, community empowerment, and high standards. As the owners of The Point: Center for Education, Inspiration, and Transformation we operate over 80,000 square feet of event space that we have dedicated for Kingdom infrastructure.

Tacuma grew up in Winston-Salem, NC. Michelle grew up in Tyler, TX. We met in college, Morehouse and Spelman, respectively. Tacuma attended Wake Forest School of Divinity where he earned his Master of Divinity in 2003. Michelle attended the University of North Carolina at Greensboro for her Master’s and Doctorate in English. Education is one of our core values that we instill in our daughters, Mikhayah Nicole and Saraiyah Lynn.

God said greater works shall we do, and we intend to experience greater in every area of our lives. We want everyone we come in contact with to experience greater too, that's why we push, challenge, teach, preach, encourage, and love on the people of God so hard. It pains us to see joint-heirs with Christ, children of the Most High God, people who are fearfully and wonderfully made settle for less than God's best. Greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world. We believe that.