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Founders of MTC

More Than Conquerors (MTC) was inaugurated May 2004. The first informational meeting took place on May 27, 2004. At the first meeting the directors, Reverend Ronald and Linda McRae, met with four other interested program members. This core group met monthly for the next year determining the logo, preparing the paperwork for incorporation, and plotting the course for how MTC would take shape. This core group also handpicked other members that would become the Executive Board of MTC. The first focus group was held at the home of the directors on March 19, 2005. MTC hosted four such meetings soliciting information from potential participants on the direction and focus of the program. The first formal board meeting was held at the Hawthorne Inn July 28, 2005. It was determined that the orientation session for MTC would take place on October 1, 2005 at Wake Forest University Divinity School. At the Orientation session MTC was unveiled to the community. At the conclusion of the meeting MTC had three Life Skill Coach applications and eight participant applications. The first group session was held November 8, 2005 at Green Street United Methodist Church and the first Life Skill Coach training took place November 5, 2005 at Wake Forest University Divinity School.

More Than Conquerors, Inc. (MTC) believes that “We Can Change the Minds of the Next Generation.” MTC believes that if your mind is changed, your outlook will change. When your outlook is changed, then your whole life will change. MTC’s mission is threefold: To inspire, educate and transform lives.

In 2012 MTC evolved into a multifaceted effort to effect greater change. There are three components: MTC Mentoring programs, Boys2Men, Real Fathers/Real Men and Sister2Sister; 2B1 Couple’s Fellowship; and a Biennial Gala.